Monday, January 2, 2023

Feature 191--Noorpol


This is something that he drew for a friend, didn't he design the foxes super well? Four different poses for how the earth is in rotation of the sun! Brightest during summer and the darkest in what I see as the winder months.
Have to say too that the design of the sun was done super well. It reminds me of something drawn when looking back to previous ages. Love it all, amazing work!

Interesting! To me, it seems like she is putting the fox's face on as if it's a mask. Fits super well with the "Masquerade" title, I think. And isn't the location she's lying in just so amazing in Noorpol's style? I can't tell if I enjoy the skulls or the leaves most.
Is she lying in a bush, or just in a pile of the leaves? And can you see the tiny bird skulls too? How much can stare at her? And they also seem to be pointing, to me. Amazing work!

I personally enjoy this piece but if you are a bit uneasy for a realistically designed baboon's skull and the mentioned torn skin, perhaps you shouldn't click through? It's listed as a horror image on Noorpol's dA, hence the content warning here.

Noorpol has some very intriguing work, I personally loved going through it to set up the feature! To see more yourself, his gallery is here.

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