Monday, November 14, 2022

Feature 187--midnightgravedigger


According to midnightgravedigger, this character is called Feral. He got the idea to draw this because he didn't agree with what the people in Marvel had done on the comic he saw Feral in.
Oh my gosh though, isn't the way he drew the hair just lovely? It definitely helps give the idea of a feline of some kind. I wonder if she were turned into this mutant because a cat walked nearby her when the chance was coming about?
Love it!


Midnightgravedigger named this character Submissive. Was she some comic character as well? I have no idea but I absolutely love how that dress has come out!
To me, she seems to be kneeling before some kind of higher power, perhaps some kind of spirit that gives her the skills she's able to work? Or perhaps she's just before someone who is like a king or queen, waiting patiently to be noticed.
Super good work!

Laboratory Subject: Wendy

Poor Wendy, dropped into the acid just to be turned into the next experiment! Can you imagine having to be awake during all of this, while the acid changes so very much of your skin and even likely preparing your body to grow more limbs...I bet the scientist behind this got taken apart for this misery before the end of it!
How I'd love to get to read the story behind this. The image is amazing and it looks like midnightgravedigger knew just how to make that acid appear just so miserable. Amazing work!

Weren't these three pieces so well done? To see more of them, check out midnightgravedigger's dA gallery!

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