Monday, September 12, 2022

Feature 182--Pookie-2-Steph

Dreams & Visions

Pookie-2-Steph mentions that the reason this leopard has a fire ability is the Holy Spirit. A very interesting thing to learn and it fits the design on the leopard's chest here! I do wonder what kind of world she (leopard) is living in...
And if these are dreams and visions in this story, can you imagine being the one having to go through all of them, just to see all of this fire? May she have all the help she needs!

The Voice of Thunder

I've been stuck on this one image for a time. Can you just imagine having the power to roar like a leopard and draw fire out of the ground or to whatever target?
Also, just take a look at how well Pookie-2-Steph brought the flame around the leopard's chest! She certainly knows how a cat's chest and neck look in 3D space. Super respect!

Love & Hate

Another book cover that shows the storms in actual love and hate. What in this Leopard's past is being dragged back into focus?
Isn't the lightning flashing behind the words just amazing? I could see it quickly flicking bright and then immediately dark, just long enough to be able to see these words! This whole piece is lovely!

These pieces were so fun to get to share. To see more of Pookie-2-Steph's work and read the stories she's written, you'll find her gallery right here!

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