Monday, May 16, 2022

Feature 165 -- sphelon8565


Battle Rehime | Ace Gallants

Love the characters that sphelon8565 drew here! He mentions that there are a few video game characters as well as the obvious comic characters. I think that he put all of them in the perfect places for this whole group, it definitely keeps things interesting.
The sketch for this piece was done in 2015 and he links to it in the artist comments. He's also been great in keeping up a fanfiction and linking to it--I'll post the link to that when I'm signing off!

Battle Rehime | To the Sky

This one has to be my favorite image from this feature. It was sketched in 2017 and it's no wonder that he was able to paint it so well. I personally love the clouds floating behind them and just how well the ground beneath them was designed.
Wonder what the ship is called? Have to have seen it somewhere...but let's just look at that one in armor! A Skywraith Mage, if I've read the artist comments proper?
And I so have to say it again; Sphelon8565 does perfect in positioning the characters!

Battle Rehime | Young Leaders

Here are several of the characters in his story meeting up in one of the places! Again, I have to go on about how well I enjoy the work done. The room they're in looks so busy but a great place for friendly training.
...knowing how some shows do, I bet the gals wiped the floor with them briefly. Even a real training combat would be pretty cool in the area!

All three of these pieces have been so fun to work with, thank you Sphelon8565! Here is his deviantart gallery. His Wix link is here and his Wattpad is right here. Head over and check everything out!

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