Monday, November 8, 2021

Feature 139--Starfire-Productions

Together 'til the End

I wonder how long this image took, seeing that they had to draw and paint it from the start? These two definitely look like the large cats they are! Can't help but adore those long strands of grass and how they were placed, too.
But lets go back to the two tigers. Don't they just look perfect? The stripes look just as broken as what you'd actually see on a tiger. And the yellow/oranges in the tigers' fur? If only I could get a colored pencil to look half that good!

Medieval Princess

Oh I wish I could remember who this actress is! Darn brain not exactly working today...XD
Edit (9:40pm): This isn't an actress. This is their sister!! Doubly amazing that they even had a hand in designing the dress. But still, hasn't Starfire-Productions done an amazing job drawing her? And just oh. my. gosh. Take a look at how well they drew and painted the eyes! I've personally just been stuck watching them, myself. It's great!
The dress also looks amazing, isn't it?
Love this whole piece!

He Told Me Enough

And finally, a very nice fanart to end with!

Starfire-Productions has some pretty work, don't they? Make sure to click the pieces shared here so you can see the artwork in their gallery; Starfire-Productions lists what colors were used and where they were used. And be sure to take a look at the rest of their deviantArt gallery!

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