Monday, October 25, 2021

Feature 137--fallsml



Isn't this girl so cute? I've personally been staring at her eyes for so long, that brighter blue is so attention grabbing. Fits perfectly if the character is meant to be like a cat! And I love the colors chosen for this piece. They put me in mind of a cat that you would *think* would be calm...until that one moment when the running and pouncing everything occurs.
Love this piece!

[OC] Micheal

Isn't this guy interesting? So very tall, with those yellow eyes and the green hair. If he's meant to give the idea of a sunflower, I'd say that he got it! Something interesting too, Micheal is meant to be some kind of squad leader who is meant to lead his squad into protecting people on a battlefield. That makes me wonder what kind of battles he and his team has to fight?

RBC and WBC Hataraku Saibou

"Cells at Work" is a show that's watching the cells in a body work to that body's good. Interesting! But enough about that, aren't the characters that fallsml drew for this picture just so cute? It's so unlikely that a red blood cell and a white blood cell would ever touch! But this piece just makes it work, maybe the white blood cell is showing its willingness to protect the red blood cell just by wrapping his arms around her?
So very cute! I'm going to have to watch that show/series at some point.

Hasn't fallsml shared just the cutest artwork? Their whole gallery is full of sweet pieces like the three that were shown here. Go check it all out!

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