Monday, October 18, 2021

Feature 136--TianaSama

Hazbin Hotel AU: Alistar/Maribel

Oof, Alistar was meant to go /fight/ the demons in Hell; not fall for a Succubus, an expert in temptation! And my stars, it looks like she's going after him hard. What I understand about TianaSama's story is that the angels are like white sheets of paper? So of course a devil like Maribel would totally be attracted.
These two characters were drawn perfectly. Alistar as a stunned, poor little angel who's lost some of his feathers with Maribel hanging directly on him? He had no hope on this assignment and it looks like she knows that so very well.


This is such a cute piece! I understand what TianaSama means when she says that this was meant to be a friendly piece instead of what it became...I think it works out! Why can't Starfire and Raven be closer than what they're shown in the actual show?
Don't you just love that sky behind them? I think I fell for that lovely blue and pink. And isn't it great how those trees fit in perfectly for the scene? Of course, we can't not mention the two characters. They're drawn super well and I love how Starfire seems to just be brimming with her happiness to be near Raven!

Teen Titans Go: Jinx/Terra

Isn't this a fun image! I can see these two just dropping down to put a stop to whatever villain of the moment is.
And just look at how well TianaSama drew those poses! Terra's especially, she's either planning to crash on top of whoever they're having to deal with or she just knows that it's someone they've been needing to deal with. Or maybe Jinx is casting something to help put a bit of a shock/stir on the ground when they land, just to force attention to come to them.

TianaSama's deviantart gallery is filled with other quite awesome work. Be sure to check out her folders along the top of the gallery; you don't want to miss any of her paintings!

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