Monday, December 7, 2020

Feature 97--BeignetBison


We're looking at a monster similar to what might be seen in Dark Souls, I imagine? It'd be creepy to come upon this creature, that's for sure. Look how black those arms are. It reminds me of dead flesh you might see in one of those games. Isn't it amazing?
His outfit seems to be something one would wear in ancient Japan or something and I love how the wrinkles and shadows were painted. Wonder how he'd use that stick with all the garlic hanging from it? And let's pay special attention to that bag around his head. It's on fire. It makes me think of those pieces they burn for the scent...burning garlic, in this creature's case!

Au Bord de l'Abime - Battle for Hanoi

BeignetBison mentions that this took him six days to paint. I can see why! Didn't he do an amazing job showing everything that happened in this scene? Especially those fires in the background and the muddy swamp in front...don't you feel for those soldiers stuck there in the center?
The grasses and trees look super, too, they look like they were just right in the scene and interrupted by everything that is going on.
I personally love seeing landscapes, with the whole scene shared before us. Isn't it amazing that he only took six days for all of this?


Finally, one other landscape! This one is based on a movie by Denis Villeneuve that I've not really seen. I'm still impressed with this soldier pointing his weapon out the doors of an aircraft; and I hope that the "singularity" doesn't engulf everyone faster than they can escape.
Or it could just be putting an end to that war and cleaning up after doesn't have to be the most horrific thing. This whole piece is meant to be Sci-fi so who knows what is in the middle of that thing. For the sake of the characters, let's hope that it isn't more dangerous than why they were originally there!

These three pieces were all awesome; thank you BeignetBison for letting me share them! To see more of his artwork, go to the provided link to see what all he has in his gallery. It's definitely worth your time!

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