Monday, July 27, 2020

Feature 79--Vanum-Chan

Vanum-Chan decided to draw this in a more cartoony style than what was normal at the time of this piece since it's an art trade. Aren't those so very fun? I know nothing about Undertale but I think the colors on this fit nicely. 
I wonder how hard it was to paint those eyes? Aren't they just gorgeous? In all, a very lovely piece!

Ooh, I loved this piece on first glimpse. The fabric of the characters' dress and robe just look like they would move so naturally. And I really enjoy the way the wings go from blue to a very beautiful purple! The hug itself is very cute, too. Doesn't it just seem so caring, so loving? 
So very sweet!

I want to call this character naughty but...some people definitely deserve this kind of call out too. (That, or maybe I'm the naughty one!) The colors on this blend together great for what we're looking at--someone who doesn't entirely want to be noticed. 
The light on the wall makes me think that maybe they have a spotlight on them, though. Oops!

If you'd like to see more work by Vanum-Chan, their gallery is right here! I recommend dropping by since I think you'll enjoy the work as much as I do. And don't forget to check out the folders!