Monday, June 15, 2020

Feature 73--lawkapay

This character is drawn quite beautifully; which fits the 'godness' tag that lawkapay gave the piece. That blue bow fits perfectly in that wash of blond hair and I really do bet that her dress moves great with each step! I personally have to go back up to those eyes every time I look the piece over; aren't they such a beautiful purple-pink shade?
Excellent work, lawkapay!

lawkapay has created a nice elf for this painting! I think he did another good job; especially with making her hair look like it's come down into two braids. And he's done very well with the eyes yet again. They look like she'd be another great person to meet if you so happened to make your way to Santa's workshop!

I have again got to squeal about the eyes on Marnie, just like I did with the last two. They're amazing and I think they show much about this one. Especially with that small smile showing on Marnie's face.
But can we just talk about her hair? The way that lawkapay did this one shows a great focus to detail without drowning us in it. Makes me wish that I could see him paint one of his characters just to see how he does hair and eyes. ^^

If you enjoyed these three pieces like I did, you'll certainly love a trip through lawkapay's gallery! Be sure to check out all of his folders, too!

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