Monday, May 25, 2020

Feature 70--TheCunningCondor


First, I really enjoy the look this character is giving the camera. It's like she's preparing to tell the person behind it exactly what she thinks about the act that she's been told to play. TheCunningCondor shows their talent immediately with this one. And isn't it nice how they succeed in leading the eye all over the character with just the two colors?


The pink outline on this highlights the colors pretty well, in my opinion, and I kinda like how TheCunningCondor styled this set of clothing. This set of clothing looks very much like a young adult's and flatter the design. I also like her hair! And I can't help but assume that this gal was the one who would brush everyone off and have 'no interest' in being around the main characters. XD

Pauline and Pumkin Guy

Everyone has that little (mental?) nag that pulls them both into trouble and it's shown perfectly in this drawing. XD I wonder if Pumkin guy is the little character that Pauline's mind gives the bad ideas? Because it can't at all be nice little Pauline that wants to go cause trouble, can it? If I'm wrong about that, I wonder how many people see Pumkin guy? This piece has given me so many ideas, excellent work, TheCunningCondor!

I really enjoyed sharing these pieces! If you liked these as much as I do, here is a link to TheCunningCondor's gallery so you can see more in this style.

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