Wednesday, February 5, 2020

How they're made: Donuts

No superheated oils necessary for this tasty treat! Just a great video series, a program to play with, and the madness to watch and rewatch the same section in that series a million times over.

I've only been playing with this program for a few days and it's already proven to be pretty dang powerful for just a little program...which is amazing, since my computer has a habit of refusing to behave if it thinks you look at it sideways.

Let's ignore that I can't png without a screenshot yet. ^^;
So! The donut is no longer 'two-weekends-to-eat' large. But as Blender Guru mentions in the video, donuts are not so perfect as to merely be robotic. They have their own standards of beauty, standards that a computer just cannot compare:

Everyone, please stand for the Miss Donut of 2020
Doesn't she just look magnificent? She is no longer locked to the computer's standard of grandiose, she has reached the real and true shape of the Greatest Donut to Ever Exist. All without the dangerous fryers in the kitchen or the need to get tons of flour and dough stuck to the cook!

If the videos from Blender Guru continue to be as short as this one was, I can really see my computer letting me get through to the end of the series! ...after all, it only crashed when I was done with everything this time. There may be some forcing this poor old thing to do what I like from it!

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