Monday, January 6, 2020

Feature 50--SailorSunPhoenix

BDAY Blaze
The first image SailorSunPhoenix shared this time was this very cute character drawn for her friend. I hope that it was appreciated! Personally, I love the colors she drew with for this one, I'm always a sucker for blue. I can also see the idea that the character is wearing a dress with a slit so that we can see her leg. That's a pretty cute design! 

AT Lunarfrostqueen45
I like how the character in this piece is sitting and doubly like that SailorSunPhoenix attempted this pose! It looks well done in my opinion, with the arm on the leg and knee. The color she used in this one fits the character she drew--Casey from LunarFrostQueen's characters. That she tried a steampunk kind of costume kind of fits, from what little I know about the character.
In all, I really like this piece!

AT necochanthekitty
This character is meant to be a D&D character from the person that she did this art trade for...unfortunately, I know absolutely nothing about this one. ^^; That doesn't change that I like the clothes, it brings up questions about why the character is wearing a cloak and if the character has any kind of status to their name.

Whee! It feels excellent to get back to these. And I got to start with SailorSunPhoenix! Check out her deviantArt page at that link if you like the pieces in the feature so you can see many more! ^^

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