Monday, July 15, 2019

Feature 27--Uranus-seventhsun

Vivianna the Vixen
Uranus-seventhsun has written a short bio of this character, check it out! She lives on another planet where purple skin is the norm and I love how Uranus made her hair work with the color. The most of this image was done in pencil and the dress was painted with marker--I love how silky it looks!

Raptors and Memories II
This fellow is said to hate the gryphons of his world and he rides large, man-eating birds to get here and there. He must get a huge amount of respect from the people in his world--at least a number of them since he's called the Raptor King. 
I really like how his clothing and his crown was drawn and painted. The background is a little plain but personally, I think it helps guide the eye to the character in front!

Doctor Ajar
Doctor Ajar is a portrait that Uranus drew for someone. He says that the character seems to be a roguelike person who sails most of the time, so that is how he chose to build the Doctor's looks. I personally love the color that Uranus put for the coat and shirt, they seem to fit very well with the character and background. 
Speaking of that background, I wonder if there are always such large waves that the boat he's always on has to sail across?

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