Monday, July 1, 2019

Feature 25--MurigenKuskenda

Practice 1045-2
This is a very fun pose and the character has the exact hairstyle I'd expect with such a self liking pose. XD She must be pretty proud of herself or at least find herself over-ranking whoever she's talking with. I think that Murigen did a pretty good job with this, even though I'm amazed by all of these posted here today!

Practice 1046-2
I've always liked fire users. It's so fun to pose them demonstrating their flames! Murigen's description made me may have put a ton of belts on this fellow but they all look great, in my opinion. They seem to fit in with the costume as a whole and it makes me wonder exactly where this character belongs. I'd like to see more of him!

Practice 1048-2
This one is fun to see if you imagine that the character is a wind user and that she's standing on the burst of air she's casting. I love this character's clothes, it looks like they would blow all around when she's casting for any serious reason. I wonder if she lives in the same world as the one above? Oh, my brain is going mad with the ideas and I love it! Great work!

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