Monday, May 20, 2019

Feature 21--Dreaming-Demon

Dreaming-Demon takes his own photos and then adds a bit of digital work on top of it, after editing the photo like it needs for the piece. (As you can see on two of these!) I've already told you my opinion of working around with photos, so...Let's go into the pictures themselves!

Sea friends
This one is cute. I like the colors she used for the mermaid and for the eel. They both fit with the image in the background, so he knows how to manage color. And well, in my opinion! I'm curious as to what the eel is doing--it looks like it's wrapping the point. It's pretty interesting, in my opinion...that, or it could be eating some seaweed off it!

Here is another that uses one of his photos. Focusing on that for a moment, I am really jealous that I've never lived so near a place like this. It's gorgeous where this photo was taken! Dreaming-Demon mentions this is a homage to the forest locations in games, naming Peloponnesus (Battle of Olympus, NES) and the Kokiri Forest/Lost Woods (Ocarina of Time, NES). 
This one really does take me into the Kokiri Forest, especially with how young the character herself looks...and I think the heart also makes my brain think OoT. 

Plot twist
I can't think of the proper name for a snake person like what we see in this piece. It reminds me of a D&D race though, that's for sure, and it's really interesting to see Dreaming's idea of how the character-type looks! He says that this is showing his "fondness for tales and tails", it's definitely cute. And I like how he has the light bouncing off the book and shining on the character's hip, tail, chest, and face. This seems like it had to have been fun to draw up, it looks like it should be! 

Let me encourage you to go to Dreaming-Demon's gallery! These three aren't enough to give you a full respect of his artwork.

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