Monday, April 8, 2019

Feature 17--Cranash64

Sensors (redraw)

This is one of the first that I have seen where someone's back is drawn so well. And I'm really enjoying how Cranash64 drew and painted the whole scene; the darkness does the figure a favor so that we can focus on what's most important. Like, say, those sensors implanted around his spine? Yeouch. As I understand, they're meant to control a pair of mechanical wings? 

Army and Science

Yet another piece where you have got to see it in it's fuller size, just so you can see details in the background! I personally love how we get to see both of those buildings and the zeppelin floating high above them. In the foreground are two of Cranash64's characters, "Vasya" Lovech Hottenteule and Teel Hottenteule, who managed to fall in love and get married even with her in the army and him chasing the chance to be an engineer! 
...Well, she writes it so much better in her artist comments. ^^; Gotta recommend that you check out the links to all of these pieces to see how she writes it. I'm just gushing over the artwork.

The Protector
And now we get to see her character Christian Blackthorne (an alter ego of Ray, who we saw in the first piece) 'dealing with' a dragon that broke the protective dome over a town. ...isn't it just about like a dragon to destroy things? Tsk and tsk to the scaley thing. 
Those wings look amazing and it's super interesting how Blackthorne is diving into battle just as the dragon is starting to breathe fire. The scene is so active, it really helps drive interest up!

I've already said it once, but you really have to go into Cranash64's gallery and see all of her pieces for yourself! 

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