Monday, March 25, 2019

Feature 15--NoXV

Commission: Stardust (Delta-Magnus)
NoXV is an artist I've been keeping an eye on for the past little while, so I'm pretty excited to get to show off some of his work! This is a commission he did for someone and I like how she came out. NoXV mentioned this was his first go with trying some colored lineart--always a plus and I can see how it helps this character. Going to details, I personally love how full he was able to make this character's hair. 
...honestly, if the character probably wouldn't batter me for it, I'd like to play with her hair. XD

Commission: Lachlan (Superjustinbros)
Now just see how he made this character come front and center on this piece! Such a simple background so we can see everything with Lachlan...honestly, I wish I knew more about the character. Doesn't that weapon look interesting? (Or is it a weapon at all. It could be fisherman's gear in some worlds. XD) Isn't he just a fun looking character, though? 

Dragon's Gifted: Prologue
Ooh, here we are! This is the beginning of a story-comic that NoXV has been working on since at least the 16th of February (and no telling how long it was before he was ready to post anything!). That link in this paragraph goes to the folder where he's putting these up--I have got to recommend that you try to keep an eye out for these pages, you'll be missing out if you don't!

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