Monday, January 14, 2019

Feature 5--Shinkalork

The bridge by Shinkalork
The Bridge
Isn't this piece just so golden? I really enjoy how the sky is reflecting in the water. And just look at that river/stream. He made it look so peaceful--this must be a great place to take a walk with someone. As long as you don't get onto that bridge. Gorgeous as it is, that bridge doesn't look like it could tolerate someone walking on it too much longer. XD
And doesn't the nearest tree just look so natural? Do yourself a favor and go to the link below the picture so that you can see the painting better!

Deep forest waterfall by Shinkalork
Deep Forest Waterfall
Loving the trees in this piece and how they frame the waterfall and lake below them. Shinkalork has done another great job in carrying the colors through the whole piece. And he's done another great job in making the grass look natural on those cliffs here. Like I mentioned before, you have got to go into his DeviantArt gallery and just see all of his work for yourself. 

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