Monday, January 7, 2019

Feature 4--Nsane99

Rediscovered by Nsane99
The star seems to be drawing all of the chains toward it in this image, and it immediately makes me wonder what is going on! Is that the sun of the world trying to consume it? Perhaps a creature in a type of 'egg'? I'm not sure but I'm glad that this piece has so much to keep catching my eye.

Waves of Time by Nsane99
For this image, the artist wrote a tiny bite of story that describes the scene. It's a shame that anyone who finds their way to this location may not return...then again, what if someone had made their way there and back? Almost whole but never with part of their mind, the part that's able to speak about this place? It would remain somewhere that "no one" was able to fully return from, that's for sure!

Emperor by Nsane99
It's a shame that I haven't played the pokemon games far enough to know who this pokemon is. (Google tells me that it's Empoleon.) But, for the image, isn't the water nice? I can just about hear the waves roaring as they come to crash along the rocks that the main character is standing on. And aren't those clouds behind the castle a nice way to draw the eye toward it? 

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