Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tracily Charging Bear flats

Character belongs to jameycakeshotty

So, got the flats together the other day! Here's hoping that I can get this finished soon. Miss Jamey has been waiting way too long for this. And I wonder if I'm going to keep that gray background--maybe not for her.
This site's Art page dislikes transparencies. Not too sure what to do about that, if anything at all. XD

One more day of Vacation Bible School to go. I realize that I didn't tell y'all about it this time around but I've just been all sorts of busy. It's been pretty fun, they have me helping cook or prepare our simple suppers then sitting with one of the classes for the little gals in the room. It's not been bad at all!
Today's supper is going to be a great and super easy They're going to pick up some pizza! 

Then Friday I get to rest because it's Family night. Don't have to go at all on's a shame to be finished with this year's VBS but I really can't wait to get to sit down and not have to go anywhere. So...whoo! It's been great this week. ^^

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  1. Art.RB it's having problems with transparency? What kind of problems?

    I almost never have transparent on my Art.DC page, so if it has an issue, I'd probably never notice.