Friday, May 4, 2018

Playing with squares!

Subdividing squares
Multiplying squares
So. When I multiply squares, or draw straight lines without a ruler, everything tends to go upward and toward the right. My tutor immediately knew that I am right handed after he saw some straight lines and these squares, it's apparently called Right Hand Bias (capitalization mine) and it happens the other direction when a person is left handed.

...At least I'm not crazy. XD
Multiplying & Subdividing squares in perspective
So very much more to do until I get these two correct...I like the very bottom one because of letting the left side go out correctly. The right side is a little funny though. To my untrained eye, I think I'm trying to stretch out my diagonal (from the top left corner of each square) a little too far. 

Loving these lessons though, no matter how shaky things are!

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