Saturday, November 26, 2016

The bar has been set!

I now know Tre's hair color, his skin color, his eye color...and it all works!

I wasn't aware that his 'dark brown hair' (as I've been imagining it) was actually dishwater brown/dirty blonde. It could be either at this point. It's always fun to imagine that the character hasn't "told" everything until he (or she) has "picked out their palettes. And it's always a fun surprise! Especially after being hung on something and not being able to put pen to the tablet.

Yeah. Funny too that it's often the palettes that keep me hanging. Oooh, had to fuss so much about them to be able to finally do this. The madness of the arts...
Let's see if I can keep making these work on the other parts of the image!

Ahahaha! YES! You know that your drawing of a face looks right when Facebook is trying to make you tag the person you had in the "photo".

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