Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sorry folks, no new artwork yet.

Nothing new to show off, my apologies. I've been hit with a nasty run of fatigue and I can't think to do anything! It's so frustrating. ><
This said, my doctor set me up with physical therapy. This is going to be my third week of six--gosh it's exhausting! But, the more I work on the exercises is the more that my unsteady balance is coming back to order.

I look forward to finishing this. Hopefully my strength and thinking will come back to me.

All this said, next post I plan to show a little more to do with that Tre Arlet image that I was doing before my current project. And I've recently downloaded OBS studio so...when I get finished doing lineart on either Tre or Find the Way, I'll record a timelapse!
I'll be sure to link here whenever it happens!

Plus it'll be fun to learn how to manage OBS studio. ^^

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