Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tre's Portraits and Clip Studio is still amazing

(Edit on Oct 17 post!)

I'm not sure at all if the profile face agrees with how the looking up face does...but let's just call thatlearning. At least I'll get it right the next times, hm? And it won't be as hard as it was this time!
It's also very silly. I'm too nervous for my own good about drawing the clothing on him again. Why that's going to be difficult is a mystery to me. I drew it once so it shouldn't be hard to draw it again.

All this complaining aside, I'm actually really happy with how the whole bit's turned out so far. There was a point that I wouldn't be able to draw any of this at all! So to have an almost finished reference page is pretty exciting. ^^

Ooh, I also learned something about Clip Studio Pro! It saves backups! Right now it's only showing the filetype .clip, so maybe this came with the recent update? I've been thrilled since discovering this a few hours ago.
No more needing to worry about a project for whatever reason! I can stand backing up a few steps if it means not having to restart from scratch. Eeee!

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