Sunday, May 22, 2016

Yes. Yes. and YES again!

Plenty still to work on with the current project but, due to a few good crits/comments, I've got a plan to go with. Mostly by using a painting term that I'm not really good with yet... Contrast. Learn how to make the colors in the image contrast with each other to help lead the eye to the main subjects. ...Seems like this is going to be the piece I have to take my training wheels off. *faint*

1. Turn the skeletonguy on the front and right darker, like a silhouette. Check.
   1a. Turns out I'm pretty happy with him. Thank goodness!

2. Make Valeon's magic a bit brighter as the light focus of the piece. Check.
   2a. Have them highlighted in accordance to the magic--probably need to take it another few
     steps forward but I'm happy with it right now. Let's see if I find the other shadows needed!

Other ideas that don't have a set place are:
  -Color that tree and make it fit into the picture
  -Do something with that sky to make it not so flat
  -Make the colors not so samey--they're around the same dullness all over

And here is the work in progress (edited 5-22-16):
(Update on May 24 post)

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