Sunday, March 27, 2016


Like a totally mature digital artist who has absolutely everything together in my mind (and speaking with no sarcasm whatsoever), I've decided that I'm going to cry if I save over my recent four linearts. 
The answer to this dire problem is terribly simple, of course. But everyone's allowed to be ridiculously possessive --a little bit choosy over things here and again, right? 

All four boys are slowly going to have their flats put in, probably the same order that I posted the first time.  The image at the link will be edited until he's fully colored in and this one will most likely be deleted for a future post.


  1. While it's one thing to just keep backups, it can be admittedly difficult to remember which backup is which. I'd advise (it's what I do) to save each version or progress update as a new file, with a suffix of the date an time.

    Sure, it does tend to make the file names long, unwieldy, and annoying, but at least I know what I did when.

    Comment Version: ACE201603281622.tmp

    1. I do something very similar! The program saves the general dates in the name so I'll name it something like "characterflat 1" or something like that.

      So very useful, even if I end up with 15 odd saves until the end. XD