Monday, October 9, 2023

Feature 228--ArtwiththeDragonKing


Doesn't this moon look like it's trying to draw us in as if it were an older video game? Aside from the spirals going inward, what do you think about the rocks on the inside of the crescent? In my view, maybe this is something that was hidden from the enemy. Or perhaps those rocks are where the villain is hiding?
So many ideas to play with on this piece. Excellent work!

Bat Child

This one is judging us? With hair growing from his ear and that hair of his?
Had a lot of fun looking this character over; I'm really enjoying his eyes and how his nose has been designed. And just look at the teeth! Surely some kind of predator..even bats that only eat insects tend to have really sharp ones.
I would love to know what his story actually is. It'd just help this already great piece!


These creatures are always some kind of annoyance, aren't they? XD I love the title written like this as if a person is squealing after finding it. And just look at the spider mock them with that look on its face!
...hopefully it was able to get away before someone swatted at it. (That's assuming it's not dancing in the roads as some kind of giant while singing like those older movies!)

So! This artist has left dA because of the AI stuff being allowed--can't blame him at all! He's on Facebook with the same username. Please go to that link! He has a too, if you'd like to see his other pages.

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