Monday, September 25, 2023

Feature 226--ArcencielDigitalArt


New Adventures

I love this scene; it's dark as if nighttime and that opening just promises new things to get into like good adventure games. And just look at those gears near the trees. Do they help the trees in some way or is it more the location just showing off what is behind the door can do? And the walk path lit by the poles on both sides of it just helps to add to what mystery we're being invited to!
Super work done in this piece; excellent control of the 3D tools used with this. I never do understand how these work, so all of it is amazing!

A New Home

Even more gears! This location must be in a similar world as the first one. And I enjoy imagining a character splashing through the water here, doing everything they can to not attract what animals might be in the area. Or maybe not, since I notice the house in the back has a boat. Maybe it's safe during some hours so the person that lives there can catch some fish to cook and eat?
It's so fun to imagine stories for this kind of artwork. Excellent work done!

The Artist's Gallery

It would be amazing to get to enter this library just for the sake of reading by its lights! I like to imagine that the Artist in question may have created that statue at the back; just because it fits so perfectly as a light source. And I just adore those columns with them being created by a dark wood or stone, with the gold like color wrapped around.
Just look at those sofas too! They're perfect to just snuggle up with a book and a hot drink to sip on. Excellent job done with this piece!

All three of these pieces are amazing and if you go to ArcencielDigitalArt's gallery, you can find even more of these 3D pieces! Do enjoy!

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