Monday, August 28, 2023

Feature 223--reiiizend


[Happy] Family

This family looks very "happy"...and I don't believe it's all because they're apparently goth; as we see later. But I love how these portraits were made. It's like back in the past, how portraits and photos were all super serious for reasons at the time. Or maybe it's because they represent a dukedom, as said on reiiizend's image?
I did not know photoshop could make pieces that look like so realistic watercolor-ish! Shows what I know about the program's capability. But Reiiizend did an amazing job with both that and with the intent!

Inktober 2021

At first I thought the red mark on the top image was to get past some of dA's demands but, looking at it again, I could almost see the character holding it using some kind of magic on the arrow before shooting from a crossbow. Or maybe they caught it with that bit of power? Very very fun to imagine with! And look how sour that lemon is--making even the paper it's on pucker!
Both of these pieces definitely show what kind of control Reiiizend has with photoshop's ink tool, I'm amazed! Excellent work here.

Spiritual Marriage

And here is the heiress again, certainly not enjoying this "lovely" marriage. She has to be under some awful control to be crying tears of blood or to have it hinted that she's had her mouth cut open from the lip...This poor woman having to be traded about like a piece of paper in those times! (Of course, maybe the realm in the story either hasn't left that time period or she absolutely hates where she had to marry to strengthen the unity between her group and the one she had to marry into.)
This bit of story is so very clear with how Reiiizend painted it! And just look at the hand that's holding her...this piece has so much to say... I love it!

This artist has so many very interesting pieces in her gallery with many of her OCs, each telling a different story! Reiiizend's gallery is here, go enjoy!

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