Monday, July 17, 2023

Feature 217--red-shepherds


A perfect Orc lady! Can you imagine how strong she has to be just to wield that battleaxe? And I've been just staring at her clothing and armor she's wearing. It fits perfect for the scene we're seeing; I can just imagine the reason we're looking up at her too. Some idiot was running their mouth at her and she did a quick job to teach the dude some form of least for the next life.
Super enjoyable piece!

To Light the Darkness

Ooh, I wonder what this character is searching for? This one is apparently a deathcleric...or is he going to run into one? Both options would be a bit terrifying to happen to me; so at least let him be the cleric! And I can just imagine, too, what kind of ancient place that's having to be searched. May he be safe from whatever creatures are living in that area; I hope he's ready!
This was so fun to get to see. And learning that this is d&d based is even better, just making my mind come up with stories!

Turn Undead 2

This is very interesting. On version 1 of this (same name in his gallery), it's said that he saw a Sailor Moon screencap that helped inspire him to that and this piece. I can definitely see how...what happened in the screenshot to make it all Undead? Gosh may it not be too miserable for this state in the character's life...and may they have control!
Or maybe this is one of Red's characters? I missed that part. However, I really enjoy how this piece was drawn from this perspective. It's amazing!

It's always fun to see red-shepherds art! The link to his gallery is right here, enjoy yourselves!

Also, a note if you've not clicked the link yet: It has gotten to the point where I need a week at the end of the month for myself. I'll make sure to leave a message before these times come.

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