Monday, June 26, 2023

Feature 215--AuntieRichie


To Birth a God

I've never played this Silent Hill but to be tracked down by some insane cult woman trying to make the player (Heather) birth the god the woman's trying to bring to life...Poor Heather! That design on the wall is interesting. Are the barbed wires trying to keep it held in place or is that woman who's chasing Heather going to be trapped by it, maybe?
The characters that AuntieRichie created for this piece look perfect for such a situation, too. Very interesting work!
The Love Witch

 Fanart of 'The Love Witch'; this woman is Elaine Parks.
As the Love Witch herself, she looks like she's in the middle of casting or creating some spell or potion for someone. If this movie is as campy and silly as AuntieRichie says, it has to be amazing. The cornier is always the better in my opinion.
Lovely piece!


An interesting witch here, not having to use her body by any means. And that AuntieRichie isn't sure yet (with this image) how and what she actually behaves yet just makes me more curious. A creature that doesn't have to use her own arms but uses those robotic arms instead; can you imagine coming across her, for worse or better?

The pieces AuntieRichie chose to share for this feature are so interesting! Click here to see more of their work.

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