Monday, April 24, 2023

Feature 207--kei4dan


Yoshi Autumn

These three Yoshis were drawn and painted so well! I bet the one with the hot chocolate is fully comfy in this mildly chilly scene, the other two seem to be enjoying how the leaves are falling. Perfect scene!
I also enjoy how the clouds in the sky seem to be painted to help keep the eyes to the characters. It's a lovely little addition, in my opinion. This image is so cute, don't you think?


So we've seen Peach in something aside from that large pink dress and this is just the next step, I figure. Especially depending on how high the temperature at this beach is. The scene kinda reminds me of Mario Sunshine in some way, makes it quite fun!
And how do you like these clouds? I wonder how they were made to look so nice. In all, a fun image to get to see!


I remember this character! She's so fun to have in the Paper Mario party and quite powerful to have on your team.
It's fun how he drew in her eye here. The actual game never shows her eyes or makes her face seem so nice, so this is a lovely experiment! Of course I love the colors in the background, it just seems right for Vivian's more natural home. It all works great!

kei4dan's art is very cute, in my opinion! Here is the link to his gallery if you'd enjoy seeing more!

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