Monday, April 10, 2023

Feature 205--UToonOddity28


Manny Berle

An OC of UToon's and he seems to fit in perfectly--especially with that pie and explosive sticking out of it like a candle. It makes me wonder what kind of show this comedian does when he's in front of folks? The pie has me immediately thinking in the way Bugs Bunny and other cartoons in that era would have slapstick surprises all around and I think I really enjoy the way Manny looks here! He has to be so fun to set up scenes with.

Giovanni Jones

Aah, this poor dude from Looney Tunes; thankfully in a more relaxed position than he ever was singing on that stage with Bugs Bunny as the director. He needed a chance to calm down, I'd think! And just look at what the fame from singing has done for him--gave him the chance to pose for the ladies who fell for him even as he was turning blue from running out of breath on that stage...
I have to say that, in general, this style so looks Looney Tunes-like. Love it when people can and do mimic that style!

The Opening and Closing of a Show

Manny believes that whatever the middle of the show is, the beginning and ending has to leave 'a lasting impression'. I wonder what kind of mess he made on stage to see this as a perfect ending? It had to be amazing, I think, considering what little bit we've seen before.
Isn't it something to see him from the beginning of the show and then after the 20 or 30 minutes of playing it up? Doesn't it look just perfect for the style and what he's supposed to be doing? I personally love the hint to Bugs here, it's just perfect. Excellent work

Doesn't UToonOddity28 have a great handle on these older cartoon styles? I personally love it! Their gallery is  here is their gallery if you wish to see the rest of their artwork!

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