Monday, April 3, 2023

Feature 204--Tutu-Simple-Art

Update Skill T-04

I wonder what the magic he's holding is? And I really enjoy how Tutu designed the character's clothes--he has to be all kinds of busy like is regular in many video games. Because he's the lead, right? Of course he would be, just look at how good everything on him looks!
And be sure to look at the color used in this piece! I love how the perspective has come out in this piece and the way he drew the figure is just amazing in my opinion.

Update Skill T-05

Very enjoyable to see the clothing style work out for both male and female characters, even if these two are just imps of sorts. So many artists protect the male with proper clothing and everything just to leave the women in only plot armor, love that Tutu doesn't do this!
The girl appears to be a mage of some kind, looking at her staff? And it's so cute how the fellow beside her is just propping his arm on the sword. I wonder if they are just in their home or a tavern? It's also very possible that it could be a train of some kind? This piece is so fun!

Update Skill T-01

I love how these clouds worked out! They're so pretty and bring the eye closer to the woman's figure in center. And just look at how perfect the blue of the sky is when behind the clouds and her red hair! And it's quite interesting that she has a bird on her shoulder. Is she a mage or somehow helped by having a familiar? Is the bird just a pet?
I really enjoy this piece, it's so fun to look at and imagine how things come together in its story!

All of these pieces were very well done and I enjoyed going through his gallery; the art reminds me of videogame art. Tutu-Simple-Art's gallery is here, do enjoy!

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