Monday, January 25, 2021

Feature 104--Enlee-Jones

Bath Time 2

Enlee-Jones says that this only took her 7 hours. Only 7. On the art page, she says that she used Sharpie, Arteza brush pens, Arteza EverBlend pens, and white gel pen...I have to wonder how many pens she had to go through?
This leopard's eyes were painted beautifully and I love how natural all of those spots seem to be. But can we just take a look at how that tongue came out? The color is perfect against all that white and gray and I am very taken with how Enlee-Jones made the fur under that tongue look like it was caught up in a brush or comb. I love it!

Colorful Owl

I wish that she had said what she used on this illustration's honestly no matter. Especially how well she handles her paints and the texture/patterns on the feathers! The eyes again came out totally gorgeous; it really looks like the owl she drew has intelligence behind them.
Speaking about her colors again, look at how she worked out the colors and black on the wing and back. Beautiful work and all of her time taken with this was so well spent!


For this image, Enlee-Jones says that it only needed 5 hours. And I'm still amazed by that with how natural she made everything appear. If I've not said it yet, she's definitely gifted with her chosen tools!
Loving how the chest feathers came out--doesn't it just look like a giant fluff is perched in front of us? I almost wish that I could reach out and touch it. (Provided the owl wouldn't mind!!)
And again, I'm drawn to those adorable eyes. Stars, she did a brilliant job with them on this picture!

Enlee-Jones shared some great work for this feature. If you think her attention to detail is super just with these three images, you've got to check out her whole gallery!

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