Monday, September 28, 2020

Feature 87--Blastweave

Scavver Ghoul

I love that gradient in the background, it helps set off the character great. And Blastweave does a super job in showing the texture of the Ghoul's head. ...I wonder if the ghoul was dead before or if one of those arrows was to blame for killing him?
I love the questions this piece gives me.

Ward: Hookline and Kitchen Sink

Inept supervillains are the best supervillains. I've never read the book but can already imagine what kinds of messes these two were capable of getting into...I wonder if the one with the chain often succeeded in getting himself locked onto things?
Probably not. But it's fun to imagine what messes they get into.

This dude is meant to be an exterminator of creatures like the ones behind him. I like to imagine that they didn't get another step before he blasted them to pieces. (Because the water would easily inform about every step!)
But can I just talk about that scene? It's amazing, love how dilapidated the place looks and that Blastweave took the time to break every one of those windows. That he made the place so dark, as if there was no more power, fits in perfectly, too. All the time and effort on this was so worth it!

You ought to see the rest of Blastweave's gallery! He has some great character work and comics that he's shared on dA. Go check it all out, it's worth your time.

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