Thursday, August 6, 2020

Powered By: Coffee

Well...Coffee and some pretty nice references for swords and daggers. And I can see right now that I need to play with the handle and handguard on the character drawings. XD 
This dagger is in that little sheath on his right hip and we can see the sword sheath. 

Norux has gone through a few very small background rewrites too. He's still the volcano elemental that he was described as in some of the other drawings, but if he's volcanic that means he should have a little bit of stone with his fire. I've been toying with around 90/10 fire and stone.
This allows for his armor and vest to be a low-grade amount of rock for his own protection. ...and yes, this was decided since I realized that he's going to have one of his hands empty while using these blades. 

That lines up with him casting illusion and flame while he fights, too. Perfect!

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