Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Have I mentioned enough about Bugglebots?

From the show that puts their announcer, Bob, into the small arena to show off how small it--and in comparison, how small the bots--are.

I've been into watching these little bots wage war on each other since my friend mentioned his robot, Sir-Lance-a-Frog, took part in the first series. The Bugglebots battles are so very fun to see, especially that they really try to make it more of a fun to watch show instead of just crushing one another.

The live audience at the Arena
Boss Battle:Six Small Robots vs. a GIANT ENEMY CRAB
The Pit

Of course, there may not be much crushing so to speak, but there's plenty of struggles into the pit and many sparks-a-flying!


There are several times that the bots have to be taken into the backroom for very speedy repairs. (When you see some of the damage, you too will be wondering how they can repair so quickly.) Not to mention the insanity of some of the bots' weapons or gimmicks. XD Those odd ones out always make it worth seeing all of the heats. ^^

It's super entertaining and you guys need to take a look at some of the battles they've had. The 2019 series is right at the top!

All images shown belong to the Bugglebots series

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