Monday, October 21, 2019

Feature 41: Monkeshii

Interface Receptor v.01
The first thing that I notice in this piece is that the tops of these towers look so much like those plants. Not the dandelion seeds, but that one that exploded if you happened to accidentally touch it? What do you see? (And Monkeshii already mentioned how not-polite these could potentially look. So can you find anything better?)

With this piece, it seems like I'm looking down at something through a microscope. It almost seems mountain-ish to me and look at how deep the valleys are. I wonder how long this one took for the computer to create these from the information that Monkeshii gave it? 
Please forgive me if that's not how these are made. I can't be sure since I don't get to make this kind of work myself. ^^;

Echelon Blind

I'm so thrilled to get to set this feature up since I don't often get the chance to share fractals from my search threads! So I hope you guys get to enjoy this as much as I did! And, if you're looking for more from Monkeshii, here's the link to their gallery and another to their 3D work

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