Sunday, October 28, 2018

Website changes and what I plan

Sure that most people have seen it by now but it seems that I forgot to mention. The links to my pages have changed--they are now what the site says they are. This page is the 'blog' of, the About page is 'about', so on and so forth. know, what I had planned to do for ages and never had it all set up at the same time. >>; So this is just a note that says everything should work fine now. If you have any problems at all, feel free to leave me a note under the post. ^^

I'll keep working on the Leana &Valeon picture but, soon, I'll start tossing up thumbnails and such for the hummingbird and flower picture. (Those are coming out fairly well. Can't wait to post the best ones!)
Homework for my tutor is going well. I've got an assignment on drawing a cube as if the 'camera' is pointing at different spaces all around it. It should also be posted soonish, whenever I'm happy with it.

Sorry for the lack of images this time around--life has just gotten in the way, as it's usually happy to do. See y'all later!

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