Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Val's football field of a jaw is fixed!

Poses: Syccas-stock
Clothing: CherrysDesigns
Watertop: Solira-stock

Looked on a few references to get that jawline fixed on Valeon and his face looks a lot better. Need to bring down his lips a little and redraw those, but I'm so very thrilled with how much better this edit has made him look!
This makes me not so afraid to work on Leana. So look for an update on that soonish. (And no, she does not have a blue chinstripe beard as one of my friends declared. XD That's my marking for where to start the edit!)

Earlier I mentioned another drawing based on my late aunt. The plans on drawing that image with a hummingbird and a hibiscus haven't been dropped, I'm just not able to get it set up how I like...so as soon as that happens, the sketch will be uploaded here or my art page.

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