Friday, April 13, 2018

Someone's going to tutor me!

Well now, this is something I haven't been able to stop cheering and being excited about since I spoke to him...Tuesday, I spoke with someone about learning from him to eventually be able to draw characters and paint backgrounds. He even wants to work with me about the payments!
Once we hammered out how he'd be paid, he told me to find something to want to work toward...


I picked out Studio Ghibli for the backgrounds that they produce as my inspiration. Upon watching Princess Mononoke and drooling a nice mess all over everything, I've realized two things:
1. That Studio Ghibli is an excellent group to be inspired by
2. That I am stupid and insane and out of my mind to want to reach that far.

Mentioned that someone's tutoring me. He's said very clearly that I'm going back to traditional means for now so that he can teach me some things. And whoooo, did he find a handful of problems that my work has...super glad that he could see them. I look forward to working on all that he pointed out, too!
Just expect plenty of scanned in works for a while.

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