Friday, March 9, 2018

Mind vs Reality

Right, I've had a fight with Valeon the past few weeks. I mean, he's supposed to be kinda sickly pale, according to what I originally thought--he's often inside caves or other dark and dank areas dealing with spirits and other creatures of the like, on top of being oracle of shadows. But I'm not sure if I disagree with what's coming out.

See, I always imagined him to be around Leana's coloration. And this is still just layer one, maybe it'll come to an agreement with me yet. But if he's going to end up being darker, I'm going to have to reframe how I've seen him in my mind's eye. It's kinda exciting! Just hope that I do it right instead of some half baked version of things.

Worrying aside, I really like having the itch to get back to this again! This picture will be finished yet!

Completely unrelated. Have a couple songs from a band that's just been introduced to me:
Icon for Hire - "Demons"

Icon for Hire - "Supposed to Be"

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