Friday, February 23, 2018

Well then. I've been lazy!

Haven't picked up my tablet the past week or so, isn't it sad. Feels like I'm getting the itch to work on things again, at least...Especially since I'm getting the idea to rework Horseman's Field! Not even done with Lea and Val and this new idea decides to start itching me...

And it makes me think I'm absolutely insane. 

You lot know the work I like putting into my pictures lately. Can you imagine if I turn my eye to that old piece now? But then I get to thinking that it could be another spot in the field, Horseman and his brother chatting on the other side of the fence while their horses are in the grass...there's no doubt that there are more trees in the area.
There's also the glaring problem of not really knowing how to draw horses. Can't forget that one.

...Yeah, I think I'm not going to escape myself this time. It's always the hard stuff that gets me excited for projects. This is why artists are often called insane!

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