Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Meet sketch Anavay!

Or...what I have of her at the moment, at least!

Jameycakeshottie told me that I need to redo the holes on the pants leg (they're meant to go from small to large and only from the thigh) but other than that, she likes what I have right now. 
Can't wait to add the hair to her. It looks so fun! XD

Biggest trouble is probably going to be the gun she's meant to be holding. She gave me a couple good examples of it, but I'm horrible with rifles! (And those hands are going to have to be redrawn half a dozen times.)

That said, I'm excited to get more done--look for updates soonish!

Edit Aug 31:

Still gotta work on the weapon (actually draw it instead of have a stand in) but woo! Have to get the design to put on that bandanna but, comparing to the hairless version, this one has definitely come together!

Can't wait to see what she thinks about it. ^_^

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