Friday, May 26, 2017

Chatter and Minecraft

I've not gotten too much further on the picture as of this moment (darn busy days).
Pretty excited for next month though--they asked me to help out in VBS again. 2 more weeks until it starts! As I remember, that was the most exhausting week last year but it was so worth it. ^^

Also, a friend showed me the strangest of images. I didn't know that Minecraft had started giving googly eyes to creatures and characters. XD Or maybe I just missed it while the game still played on this computer? Either way, this guy almost looks cute now, if he weren't so much trouble!
...wonder if he's related to Sableye? Look at those gems he has for eyes! XD


  1. There's a googly eyes mod. You can see it in some of my Foolcraft videos. (I can tell it's a screenshot from a modded version by the book in the first slot.)

    1. It looks pretty fun. Friend's shown me a spider with googly eyes before, too.