Tuesday, July 8, 2014

You blasted file! @@

So much for using a PSD file so I could swap my picture back and forth. What in the hells causes the "unexpected end of file" things? I'm having to start from the PNG now! ><;

...at least it looks better than it had before. *grumble* Blasted filetypes, I almost had her dressed. xx; Blame thing. I didn't have any color on it at all, where in the world did you get the 'red/black' foulup from? Veh. 

But, I suppose I owe an update since I've been started nearly over again. She looks better, at least, thanks to Philiphouse sketching a reference for me.

Hopefully I won't get another image error before I'm finished again! @@

Edit July 9th
Although the thought of basting a blog post is amusing to me...typo in the title corrected. XD

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