Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ooooh, Computer.

We've just swapped our internet service to Cable for awhile. I look forward to it, things were usually a bit better than the phoneline internet. There's just a teeny tiny thing that is driving me up the wall. It's nothing too terribly different than what we'd had before, the computer is just having to get used to --

*Red Light! Internet cannot be found for half a second.* *Green Light! Redo everything*-- the new internet. It can't exactly figure out what it's looking for every now and again. Fine. That can be--

*Red Light! Caught without making a wordpad backup again! Ha ha ha!* *Green Light! Type in wordpad this time!*--tolerated fair enough. At least wordpad isn't reliant on the internet itself. >>; 
However. What I absolutely cannot STAND is that, when it's having one of its fits,--

*Red Light! No particular reason. Hi.*  *Green Light! Yeah. No real reason what so ever.* --that somehow, it's confused the speaker to turning the volume on youtube down to a whisper. Just have to wait for my computer-wise friend to get online and help me with that. I know it can't be the ISP's fault, I just need to find why it's doing that. >>;

Oh, you'll let me type that. Very funny you--*Red Light!*
*Green Light!*

Just a few days for the computer to get used to itself again, to find where it's supposed to be connecting from. Give me the strength to not slam this router into the wall for just a few more days. Then it'll be perfect sailing again. Praise everything that this tiny trouble can't do anything to my projects I'm drawing!


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    1. I figure that we'll just have to call them Monday so we can get them to check things again. If I'd remembered we'd had to call the last provider twice, I'd have asked them to stay and check things again.