Thursday, November 1, 2012

Words words everywhere

This is not art (this time) but I've gotta talk about things. ^^; 
I'm so excited, I've been going to clinicals lately and have gotten about 11 successful blood draws! 

A lot of the patients are also telling me that I'm gentle with the needle. I'm really happy about this...I had to learn to stick myself because of this MS before I ever got the chance to go to school and, apparently, it transferred over to a degree. Praise the Lord for that!
(But it's sure fun to hear the people training me oh so happily take credit for it when the patient asks. XD)

Hopefully my next clinical I'll get the rest of the sticks I need. 
I'm very aware that sounds horrible and I don't want anyone to really be sick at all, but to get certified I need to have so many draws and finger-sticks.

Whatever I do though, I just pray that I don't hurt anyone worse than they already feel. xx After all, I'm supposed to do no harm intentionally. (Though that makes it sound picky. I don't like the thought of hurting anyone at all, even if it WAS an accident!)

On other topics, I'm going to try to get another Sims game come Black Friday. University, if I can get ahold of it online AND if I can put it in the right folders! I want my recently dead vampire baaack and I can't make the cheats work for some reason or the other, most likely my fault that I can't since it worked just fine with someone who was telling me how to make the cheats do what I'd have needed.

And my first victim of University is going to be that blasted Vampire once I get him rewoke! How dare he just stand in the sun for long enough to burn like he did! >>; 
Y'know, provided I have time to really keep playing much as I'm training and such. XD There's gotta be downtime at some point though and, since I get a week off for Thanksgiving (according to the schedule), that'd be as best a time as any! 

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